Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One's an image of me fighting zombies. A promo/maybe cover for my 24hr comic. About me fighting zombies. I'm a horrible writer, so yes, I cheat and come up with a plot beforehand. It's also based on a Frank Frazetta painting. He's not acknowledged in the drawing because my drawing is insulting to him enough.

The other image is just an illo of Frankenstein's monster done for fun to test out some new paper and break in a new brush. The monster isn't SUPPOSED to look like Robert DeNiro, but it came out that way anyways because that movie was awful.

I hate both images. I'll let you decide which is worse.


chrisfason said...

Maybe not DeNiro, but he looks like Franken Miller. :D

Anonymous said...

No more of this "not acknowledged because the drawing is insulting enough" business. Self-deprecation is all well and good, but I think crediting your source is worth the risk of seeming impudent. Anyway, you're crazy, these are great. I'm particularly impressed at how good you've gotten at hands and feet.