Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Almost 3 months without a promised update? Wait, what? Me? Slacker? Get right the fuck out of town! No!


And sadly, you get NO art. at least not until I can afford a scanner so I can scan in art instead of taking shitty digital pictures of art so they can't be enjoy or read. so, until such time you'll just have to deal with my random ramblings, and odd photo's of process stuff.

also, I'll be a regular contributor to an in-development site. I'll be waxing philosophical on the the craft of comics ... and little things, too. Telling everyone the proper wat to not make comics by pointing you to people who DO properly make comics.

Also, 24hr comic day just happened, and yes I fucked up another story with my horrible skillz drew another comic. This one was about Helio Gracie. And just like the Boston Strongboy I'm going to screw this one up, too re-draw it because I like the story and want it to look good better than it does.

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