Saturday, June 14, 2008


Books I'm working on:

iShadow - Sci-fi crime noir story. A sequel of sorts to Last Sin of Mark Grimm.

A Noble Life - bio-comic about Noble Larimer coming to terms with becoming a father.

They Call Me Grandpa - Short crime story.

Tales Of Colt .45 - Short story for Colt magazine.

Books I will work on:

Breakdown - bio-comic about Floyd Collins. Trapped in a cave for 18 days by a 27lb rock on his foot.

Blackie - bio-comic about Charles "Blackie" Harris. A hitman for the Shelton gang in early 19th century Illinois.

Hellhounds On My Trail - A bio-comic about Robert Johnson, blues legend.

The Black Terror - bio-comic about Bill Richmond, the first black bare-knuckle boxer whose career lasted more than 28 years with 1 loss.

Farmer Boy - bio-comic about Kim's grandfather.

The Trenches - Story about the trenches in World War I.

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